"In recognition of the sacrifice of those awarded this decoration, on April 22, 1991, the California State Assembly Concurrent Resolution 49 resolved, with the Senate concurring, that the second Saturday of August each year be proclaimed California Purple Heart Veterans Day". On Saturday, August 10, the 2002 Purple Heart Day was observed. The band was there, the speakers were there, the stage was set. On what was to be a 106 degree day, the morning hours were still comfortable. All was ready. But who came to honor veterans wounded or killed in wartime on August 10, Purple Heart Day? No more than thirty people showed up to pay their respects to those veterans. Not one California legislator appeared. The governor who brags about his Bronze Star (for meritorious service) didn't come. Of course, it is rare that he does appear for veterans' events. This time, he didn't even bother to send a representative to read his proclamation. The television cameras were there, but the Sacramento Bee was not. In fact, there was an article in the Bee a short time ago regarding the presentation of the Purple Heart Medal taking place on Purple Heart Day. We questioned this as having attended, no medal was seen presented. The reporter indicated that the veteran who was to receive the medal told her that he was to receive it that day. This must be the new journalism or just pure laziness to not verify facts.
The veterans of course who went through all of the trouble to produce the ceremony were disappointed in the turn-out. The veterans will say, "well you know, Sacramento is such a liberal town........". Maybe Sacramento is a liberal town, and that's OK, but does that mean that all soldiers and veterans are conservatives and therefore should be ignored. The majority of those Purple Heart Veterans were called to service by their country. Most, not by choice. We don't think they were exercising any political agenda of their own when they were wounded or killed in the line of duty.
Shame on the citizens of Sacramento and the officials for not taking just a few hours to pay tribute to those veterans who made sacrifices to keep our country and our citizens safe.


Normally the California State Fair Committee sets aside a day during the State Fair to honor the Armed Forces. Because of 911, this year, the day was set aside to honor all police, fire and emergency service agencies along with the Armed Forces. Since Chapter 500's regular General Meeting night fell on this "Salute to Courage Day", several members and their wives met at the fair on August 20. The troop had a great time and enjoyed the Lee Greenwood concert in upfront seats.

VETERANS PICNIC - The United Veterans of Roseville held a picnic in Royer Park for veterans, their families and friends on August 11. VVA 500 is a member of the United Veterans of Roseville. All American favorites were served, including hot dogs, hamburgers, salads and desserts. Those attending all brought a favorite potluck dish. The picnic was a great success and gave the members of the United Veterans an opportunity to meet each other and their families.

SACRAMENTO STAND-DOWN - The 2002 Stand-Down took place September 6, 7, and 8th at Camp Pollock. Homeless veterans were offered a "Hand Up, not a Hand Out". Counseling services as well as medical and legal services, food, and assistance information were offered homeless veterans at this annual event. Chapter 500 members, Stan Bollinger and Tracy Doll volunteered their time for this event.

VETERANS AFFILIATED COUNCIL - On September 11, a special meeting of the VAC was held to commemorate those who lost their lives because of 911. President Kauffman, Gerard Fields, Dino Gomez and Gregory McNeill, Chapter 500 delegates to the VAC, served an All American meal of hot dogs, apple pie and ice cream to all VAC members attending.